On Leaving Your First Post Grad Job

Leaving was hard, harder than I had imagined. Even though things were bad, I spend more time at work than at home, I was frustrated beyond belief, but it had become home. I was good great at what  I did, very comfortable and in all honestly loved what I did. Had the environment been different, I would not have left.

Because I spent a majority of my time at work, I didn’t have a lot of free time to look for jobs and when I did, job searching wasn’t high up on the list. I was talking about it once with my hairdresser and she said “so you’re basically waiting for something to fall into your lap?” I said “yep” but more on that tomorrow.

I will forever be grateful for the lessons, the memories, the friends that came out of this job. The almost year and a half I was there stretched me and grew me in ways I never imagined. Even if you aren’t working your dream job right out of college, I challenge you to be all in. You will learn things, grow and be challenged more than you thought possible. Stick it out. There are many times I wanted to give up and leave, but I am so glad I pushed through and stayed as long as I did. Let it teach you lessons and skills that you need for the dream job you will one day find. I was told in an interview once to stay at a job until you have gotten what you need out of it and given what you need, then move on. I feel that is where I was with this job.

At your first job, your coworkers become the people who teach you your first workplace lessons, the ones you spend your days with, the ones you love, even though some days hate. They are the people that will forever hold a place with you because they help shape the professional side of you.

xoxo ashley


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