Pure Barre


So I wanted to join in on the newest workout craze, a barre class. When Living Social put out a deal for Pure Barre, a friend and I bought the two weeks unlimited pass. We got registered and signed up for two full weeks of classes (possible mistake number 1). Tonight was our first class. Here are just some of the things that went through my mind during the hour of hell.

-It is going to be this face paced the whole time?

-How can I keep up?

-The gripy socks they sell in the lobby, I should have bought some of those, my regular socks are failing me

-Why is there no clock in here?

-I might actually be sick.

-I may actually cry.

-Wasn’t there a ice cream place next door, how about I leave and go eat some ice cream?2015/01/img_7519.png

-What a lie this quote is, I can think of a lot of things that taste better than doing this class to be skinny

-How long have we been doing this for?

-Oh a Justin Timberlake song, I’ll just think about him and not what my body is trying to do

-I’m signed up to come back 11 more times? Eh, lets just go with the Living Social was for the one class

-There is nothing motivating me to actually want to come back, not even the tropical vacation I’m taking in a few months

-Oh good, they basically turned the lights out and we are laying on the floor which means class is close to being over and no one will know if I actually just lay here


I can be a determined person and when there is something I can’t do, I fight to do it. Nope, none of that fight tonight. Maybe a few times but this time Pure Barre won.

Pure Barre:1  Ashley:0

I will be back in the studio at 6 am. I know, it might sound crazy. At one point during the class I did have a positive thought of making it my goal to complete one full class during my two weeks. Hopefully at the end of my two weeks, I have more points than Pure Barre does. I’ll keep ya posted.

Have you ever done Pure Barre? What was your experience?

xoxo ashley



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