Five on Friday


Hot chocolate out of a Cason Group mug.

I hope to next week start sharing my job transition that took place back in November and everything that came with it.



The Bachelor is back.

Which means Monday night with my faves watching Prince Farming and the crazies the producers found for him this season.


Hart of Dixie on Netflix.

Um can I please move to Bluebell and be best friends with the whole town? If you don’t watch Hart of Dixie, make it your next series on Nexflix. The current season is airing now on the CW, but get caught up on Netflix ASAP.


New Zac Brown Band song Homegrown

LOVE Zac Brown Band, saw them open for Kenny Chesney a few years ago, would LOVE to see them again


The iPad I got for Christmas

One of my reasons for wanting it was to watch multiple games at once. Or Monday nights case, the Bachelor and the National Championship.





xoxo ashley


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