Atlanta Weekend : The Rest

After market, we went and checked my sister and I in to our hotel room. (There was a Priceline mishap and my parents had to end up staying with some friends) I totally forgot to take pictures but we stayed at the Glenn Hotel, Autograph Collection. It was a cute boutique hotel in downtown. We drove around downtown just to see the city. Before this weekend I had only been to Atlanta once, maybe twice.

For dinner, we decided to see where Diners, Drive-in and Dive’s had been in Atlanta. Which was a great decision. We ended up at The Colonnade Restaurant. Upon walking in, we did a double take to make sure we had walked into a restaurant and not the dining room of a nursing home. Everyone there had to have been over 70, granted it was a bit on the earlier side, we were the youngest in there by a few decades.


My sister and I shared the fried chicken because it came with 2 chicken breasts, 2 wings and 2 sides. And no one needs that much food just for themselves. Oh buddy was it good.


After dinner, we were dropped off at our hotel and told to go lock ourselves in our room. I think my mom forgot we are adults now and can go explore if we wish. Which is exactly what we did. Our first stop was the Ferris Wheel a few blocks away from our hotel. It was fun to see Atlanta from the sky and to get to ride a Ferris Wheel.





Our next stop was back to the hotel but to hang out in the lobby bar. We ordered drinks and watched the boy Cam do his thing. He’s growing on me. As a Gamecock fan, I just always remember the season we had to play Auburn twice and Cam dominated and they won both times. But this past weekend, I was rooting for him. I wanted him to win. In my opinion, he will get there, he is still young and learning, but will make it.



One of my favorite parts of staying in a hotel is the bed. I always get the best sleep in a hotel room and sleep later than I do in my bed. Sunday morning we slept in then headed back home.

Family trips with all 4 of us are rare these days just because of everyone’s schedules. It was fun to spend the weekend together as a family and get some sister bonding time in. We have a trip planned to Disney (!!!!) in a couple months. My sister’s boyfriend will be joining us but I cannot wait!

xoxo ashley


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