Donuts, Donuts, Donuts

Meet Madelyn.

128This summer while in NYC, Madelyn asked about donuts about every 4.2 seconds (okay a little bit of a dramatic number, but not by much). I was on Pinterest last week and saw a picture of a homemade donut, not a fried one but a baked one. It looked delicious. Of course it was one of those pins that is just a picture with no instructions but still, it sparked interested. I quickly texted Madelyn asking if she had ever made her own donuts, she had not but was SUPER EXCITED to try it.

I found this delicious recipe and knew those were the ones we had to make.

Last Friday night after watching the #1 ranked Women’s Basketball team take on Auburn, win and keep their number 1 spot we headed home to start the donuts. I had picked up the sneezes on Friday, so obnoxious, so I tried to stay away from the baking to keep my germs away. Because I didn’t do much of the mixing or anything, I don’t know if there is anything I would do differently from the recipe. We did substitute white chocolate chips for the Caniquik and that worked just fine.

Most of the ingredients
Alyson was excited
We just crushed the Oreo’s in a Ziploc, worked just fine
Used gallon ziploc for putting in pan


Madelyn watching them bake
Melting the chocolate chips
Dipping in the chocolate
Finished products
Trying our creation, we were impressed

We loved these donuts. They will definitely become something we make often. I’ve created a board on Pinterest with more donut recipes that we will be trying in the coming months.

xoxo ashley


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