Will You Accept This Rose?

The time has come again. Another season of the Bachelor is upon us. I was glad it was Farmer Chris when they announced who the next Bachelor was going to be. He’s super sweet and it is going to be so interesting how these women handle the farm. I heard that there isn’t much international travel this season, but there are lots of visits to the farm. It is going to be hilarious watching some of these women get down and dirty on the farm. Can you imagine a fashion designer or make up artist loving that? I sure can’t.

For the last few seasons the girls and I made brackets before the season started based on the profiles on ABC.com and had so much fun seeing who made good choices and who picked someone to win it all who went home night one. We also remake brackets once it gets down to 8 or so. Laura texted me last week with the bracket from Des’ website. This is the bracket we are going to start the season with since there are going to be more girls this time. More girls = more drama!



I can’t wait to watch this season unfold, the drama, the love and everything in-between. Here is the first round of my bracket. I’ll be tweeting some during the premier tomorrow night. Check it out @lifestyleofsc



xoxo ashley


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