Fantasy Football

I’ve never been big into NFL football, I started watching some last year, found some team alliances and started to fall in love with it. College football is still my number 1 love but NFL now holds a place in my heart too.

I was talking to some of my friends and we decided to play fantasy football. We got a total of 10 girls together, picked a draft day and jumped right in. The draft room is overwhelming the first time. It moves so much quicker than I though and you need to have back up choices galore. Once people I had planned on picking were chosen by others, I had NO idea what to do. Let’s just say I ended up drafting a player that retired 2 years ago. Oops 🙂

I ended up in 4th place this year, which I was proud of. There were moments this season I LOVED it and moments I HATED it (usually when I was losing, hey I can’t help I’m competitive :))

I learned a lot from playing this season and have things I will definitely do differently next season. Here’s to hoping I can clinch the championship next year, or at least a top 3 spot.

Lessons learned from fantasy this year:

Have back up on back up on back up choices for each position.

The draft moves quickly. If your top 3 players for a position are taken, you don’t have time to research and pick new players.

Don’t let people auto-draft.

Auto-drafting gives them the top pick in that category, which isn’t fair that they get the best player available when they aren’t available.

Put money on it.

You are more committed and invested if you have spent money to play and know there is a prize waiting for you at the end of the season. We didn’t put money on it this year and some weren’t as invested in the game as others.

 Projections mean nothing.

There were weeks I got 50 points less than projected. I was excited going into the week thinking I was easily going to win and then I would suffer a huge loss.

Don’t have more than 2 players from the same team on your fantasy team.

If you have multiple players from the same team on your fantasy team and the team plays poorly and loses, you most likely will also lose that week. Spread your players out over different teams so if the team does poorly, it only affects 1 or 2 players vs. half or your whole team

Running backs are where it’s at.

Between the 2 running back spots and a flex player, you have the option to have 3 running backs on your team. Do it. It’s where the points come from. That and a dominate quarterback.

Also, download the app. It is so much easier to switch your players out quickly on your phone than having to log on to the computer and look at everything.

It was fun to watch the games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday and see my players and cheer for them.

Happy Playoff Season! Hope your team made it and can get to the super bowl and if not, “There is always next year”

xoxo ashley


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