Travel Tuesday: Washington DC

If you are looking for a fun place to spend the 4th of July, look no further than our nations Capitol. This was a last minute trip decision for us but one I am go glad we made. Our sweet friend Kara interned in DC this summer at Town Hall so we got to stay with her and hang out with her all weekend! What a treat! In my mind, Washington, D.C. for the 4th meant I could only pack and wear red, white and blue. That is exactly what I did. We woke up Friday morning ready to hit the ground running.


First thing we did was head down to the Independence Day parade on Constitution Avenue. It’s no Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, but so patriotic.




Remember how I raved about Shake Shack in NYC?  well they have a Shake Shack in DC too! Imagine my excitement. After lunch, we hit up some of the free museums that DC has to offer. That is one great thing about DC, you cannot run out of free things to do.

Shake Shack Round 2
Shake Shack Round 2

After the afternoon exploring museums, we knew we needed to grab some dinner and head over to the Capitol for the concert and what we thought would be fireworks. We passed by a restaurant who was doing picnic dinner, so smart of them. We each grabbed a dinner and made our way across town. We got to the Capitol, found a place to sit, ate dinner and had some photoshoots while waiting for the concert to start.



The concert was fun, we knew half of the people but even the ones we didn’t know were good. Then the fireworks started. For some reason in our mind, fireworks were going to be over the Capitol building, which is not the case. I guess the last minute planning of this trip, we didn’t read too much into it. But the fireworks are actually at the Washington Monument, which was covered by trees from where we were sitting. Once we realized this, we ran up a hill and caught the last few minutes of the fireworks show.



Bottom Line: If you are interested in the concert, go to the Capitol. If fireworks are more your thing, go to the Washington Monument.

There is something about a rooftop bar that I just love. The open air, the view of a city, I just can’t get enough. So of course I had to find one in DC. After watching the fireworks, we headed to the W Hotel to the POV Rooftop Bar to enjoy a drink while overlooking the beautiful city.


Of course we wanted to find a fun brunch place for Saturday morning. Kara and I found this GREAT place called Ted’s Bulletin.  We called and added our name to the 2+ hour wait, woke up the other girls, got ready and headed over. While we were waiting, we kept seeing milkshakes being delivered to tables and they looked DELICIOUS. So even though we were there for brunch, we decided to split a shake, which was a great life choice.


Ted’s is famous for their HOMEMADE POPTARTS. So of course we made sure we ordered something that came with the poptart. We all got a traditional breakfast with eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, toast and the poptart. I got the brown cinnamon sugar one, which was great, definitely better than the ones from the store. Ted’s was added as a favorite in DC and I will be back, even if it is just to get a poptart 🙂


Before we left Saturday afternoon, we stopped by the White House because how can you go to DC and not go see the White House. I always love being in DC because I always imagine Olivia Pope rushing through the White House gates to go fix whatever scandal is currently going down. I CANNOT wait for Scandal to start again.

Roommates take on DC
Roommates take on DC


 So thankful for each of these ladies in my life. Such a joy to spend Fourth of July celebrating America with yall!

xoxo ashley


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