September Goals

Okay, I am going to try this again.

1. Finish room

I am a very indecisive person so when it comes to decorating decisions, it took forever. I have finally made all the decisions and just have a few more things to actually do before my room is completely finished.

2. Clean car

It needs a good vacuum and inside surfaces scrubbed and just overall cleaning.

3. Floss daily

I’m really good about brushing, flossing, well, not so much.

4. Airplane mode on phone when can’t get off of it

I always have my phone with me, always checking social media, seeing what people are up to or what has changed in the last 5 minutes. Sometimes, I have actual things I need to be doing or just need to take a break from my phone. This past week, I started turning my phone on airplane mode at work when I was getting distracted by it. I want to continue doing it at work and transition to doing it at home some too, just to not be so dependent on my phone.

5. Start Couch to 5K

I don’t necessarily want to do a 5K, I just want to become a runner.

6. Try a new restaurant in Columbia

I always stick to my favorites, but I want to venture out and try something new this month!

7. Weed the yard

Since I am always gone over the weekend I don’t have time to devote to working in the yard and it shows. Weeds have taken over the backyard. I need to spend a few nights after work pulling and getting rid of the weeds.

8. Take at least 1 class a week at the gym

It’s time to get this fitness things under control. There are classes I have been to before and like, so those might be the ones I go to or try new ones. I need to start taking better care of me and learn some boundaries for work.

What are some of your goals for the month of September? Check back at the end of the month to see if I do better this go round.

xoxo ashley


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