How Bout Those August Goals?

So I’m going to be honest up front, I did not do so hot on goals this month. To be honest, I’m not really sure where the month of August went.

1. Create a workout schedule/routine

Haven’t seen the inside of Gold’s since I went to take over the membership.

2. Do Abide journal

I don’t even know where this journal is. It was on my bedside table, but now it is not.

3. Plan August and September tailgates

Done! When it comes to football, goals are accomplished. Look for posts throughout the season for menus.

4. Successful launch of Kidtown Welcome Team

We started this last week and I think this is going to be really great. I am still working on building and growing the team but I am excited for where we are and where we are going. The parents that helped out the first week had a blast and cannot wait to serve again.

5. Prime and paint bench on front porch

Still sitting on the front porch. Still just a sanded, unpainted, wooden bench.

6. Consistently blog 3-4 times a week

Whelp. This didn’t happen. BUT I have most of September all planned out. I bought a fun new journal at Target to brainstorm, plan and create posts for now and for the future.

7. Take vitamins daily

Yall, let me just say, if you don’t currently take B-Complex, get in your car, drive to your local drug store and buy a bottle and start taking them. When I went to the doctor last month, he told me to start taking a B-Complex vitamin and I am so glad he did. I have never felt better. I will continue taking these, along with my multivitamin daily!

8. Start saving for big fall shopping spree

My grandpa is the best. Really, I am so blessed to have grown up with involved grandparents who love us well. Every summer, my sister and I would go stay with my grandparents for a week and they would take us back to school shopping. Every summer since my sister and I have no longer been able to go, my grandpa has sent a check for us to do our own back to school shopping. Thanks to PaPa, this goal was accomplished. And my sweet mom who gave me the rest of her LOFT gift card after her shopping trip.

Check back tomorrow for my September goals, here’s to hoping more gets accomplished in September.

xoxo ashley


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