August Goals

Goals are a great way to keep focused on things you would like to get done and need to get done. This morning, I was laying in bed on Facebook and I saw that Shay aka Mix and Match Mama had posted her August goals and I started thinking of some goals I have for August. I am currently out of town at a friends house and we had the idea to both come up with 8 goals for the month and blog about them, to help be held accountable for accomplishing them. We want to start doing this monthly to help keep ourselves on track. Here is what I am trying to accomplish for August.

1. Create a workout schedule/routine

I just took over Annie’s gym membership, so I need to figure out a schedule and routine for getting to the gym on a regular basis.

2. Do Abide journal

I bought the Abide journal from Naptime Diaries back in June. I’ve done 2 weeks of it but just haven’t been consistent with it. I would like to have that consistency this month.

3. Plan August and September tailgates

Football season is almost here! Instead of figuring tailgates out the week of, I would like a have a plan for them so they can be less stressful.

4. Successful launch of Kidtown Welcome Team

I don’t talk about it often on here, but this month we are launching a welcome team for the children’s ministry I volunteer with to better welcome new families and love on the existing families. I am in charge of recruitment and implementation of this new team.

5. Prime and paint bench on front porch

About a year ago I found a cute little wooden bench for the front porch. I planned on painting it but life happened. My mom sanded it last time she was in town, so it needs to be painted.

6. Consistently blog 3-4 times a week

So obviously blogging struggles to happen on the reg and this is something I would like to fix. In my mind I can blog 6 days a week but I need to actually be realistic and start small. So we are aiming for 3-4 times a week this month. We’ll see how that goes and then maybe one day we can get up to 6 days a week.

7. Take vitamins daily

Right now, I’m at about 3-4 days and would like to bump it up to all 7. As the BIG 25 is approaching I need to start better care of my body.

8. Start saving for big fall shopping spree

Charlotte has excellent shopping. And outlets just opened. So it totally makes sense that a fall shopping spree happens. I’d rather be prepared and have money saved up then just go and not have a lot to spend or spend more than I have.

xoxo, ash


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