Southern Belly BBQ

Y’all. This place is literally the best. The atmosphere is precious. Just look at these pictures.

photo 4

photo 2 (1)

The food. OMG Y’ALL. It was delicious. Like when it arrived and we snapped a quick picture, then devoured the sandwiches.  They were gone in 5 minutes. And we were ready to order another one. (Not pictured: Southern Belly Dipper)

The D'Jango
The D’Jango
The Grilled Cheese
The Grilled Cheese

We cannot wait to go back and take everyone we know.

If you live in Columbia, get there NOW!

Here is the website so you see their menu, get in your car and drive there ASAP.

To the owners and employees of Southern Belly, see ya soon and often!

xoxo, ash

*Photo credits: my girls Liz, Laura and Madelyn*


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