Travel Tuesday: New York State of Mind

Since we are always traveling and have been so many places this summer, Tuesday’s are now Travel Tuesday! You might remember a few weeks ago I talked about all the delicious food we ate while we were in New York City.

A friend is up in NYC for the summer interning in the fashion world and loving it. We decided to go up for a long weekend a visit her. We knew going into it we didn’t really want to do the super touristy things and wanted to do more chill, local things. We got in Friday morning and made our way to our hotel across the street from Madison Square Garden (not without a bus mishap, who knew that you had to pay at a ticket station BEFORE getting on the bus? Not us, but thankfully we made it off the bus without getting caught and having to pay the $150 ticket). We got to the hotel and realized we had make a little booking mistake (double does not mean double beds, it just means a double bed, singular). Christopher at Hotel Pennsylvania was awesome and helped some girls out and we were good to go for the weekend.

Friday night we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (it is a pay what you want museum, like some museums in the city) and headed up to their rooftop and saw this view of the city.


Before we left, I had done some research and found a free event put on by Backpacker that included kayaking through Central Park. It was so much fun!



It was a relaxing morning, slowly paddling and posing for tons of selfies just taking in the beauty and greatness of the city. After kayaking, we walked through the park and happened upon the National Slacklining Competition, which was so cool. It was guys from all over the world. I had no idea all of this was possible on a slackline. It was so interesting to watch.



Saturday afternoon, we went to the Chelsea market, which was a cute little are with tons of cute little shops and restaurants. I recommend it, if you want something out of the busy bustle of downtown.

Sunday we went to church at Hillsong. I loved it. It was so fun to be at a church service in such a big city and see that many people interested in hearing the Gospel.


Sunday night, USA was playing in the World Cup. We had seen on TV before going a big group of people under a bridge watching the game. So we set out to find them.


There were so many people there. It had potential to be epicly awesome if we won (which we were seconds away from doing) but we tied so everyone just sort of walked away when it was over. But it was still one the highlights of the trip. If you are ever in NYC or any other big city during a major world sporting event, find something like this and be patriotic with your fellow Americans, its a blast!


One of the other highlights of the trip was seeing Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. Hello 90’s girls, which is exactly what we reverted back to when we saw them. It was like I was a kid again watching TGIF on ABC on a Friday night. We were star struck. I was squealing. M was crawling over people for a better view. It was great. And something we will always remember.


I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with my girls.



xoxo, ash


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