SEC Saturdays: Noon Kickoffs

Those noon kickoff games can be rough! Being up, gameday ready and to a tailgating spot by 8 am at the absolute latest can be rough, especially if the previous nights festivities kept you out late. But there are things that can help make morning tailgates fun and manageable.

First up, morning cocktails. There is your typical Bloody Mary or Mimosa, but why not mix it up with one of these fun brunch cocktails from Cosmo’s website. I personally cannot wait to try the Walk of Shame or  The Red Rooster this football season or even before.

Breakfast/Brunch food is my absolute favorite. Like if I could eat it at every meal, I would be the happiest! So secretly, I guess not a secret anymore I love noon kickoff for that reason alone. Getting up before the sun to put a breakfast casserole in the oven brings pure joy to me.

Food necessities:

-A delicious breakfast casserole

These delicious cinnamon rolls


-These breakfast cupcakes will probably be making an appearance at my tailgate this season

– A big bowl of mixed fruit

Our first few years, we tried to use a griddle to make pancakes and bacon, but our power source never lasted long enough to actually make anything. Last season we finally found this, which was one of the best tailgating purchases we made! So if you have a reliable power source, pancakes and bacon morning tailgate must!

Of course by the time the game is over, you are hungry again so usually it’s time to tailgate round 2. Check back next week for my favorite post game/afternoon tailgate foods, desserts and beverages.

What are you favorite things to have at a morning tailgate?

xoxo, ash


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