Five on Friday: Bachelorette Edition!

Y’all. I LOVE the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Always have and always will. I have been watching since middle school as crazy as that sounds and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Since Hilary Clinton’s interview took over the time slot of the Bachelorette, today’s Five on Friday is all things Bachelor/Bachelorette. Here are my Top 5 things I love about The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Getting together with the girls on Monday nights to watch and texting those afar. This season, since it’s summer, we have decided to grill out before each episode and just catch up and hang out. I love getting to hear everyone’s opinion on the episode and just get some good quality girl time.

photo (20)
Grilling and brinner when we run out of propane


Bracket making and the competition that goes with it. Being excited and braggy when your guy gets the rose. We each made a bracket just based off the pictures and bio’s on ABC’s website. Some of us still have our guy in the running, others their “winner” went home night one. Bracket #2 will be made with the final 6 – winner choices. It will also include our guess for the next Bachelor. Josh M please, would love to see him back on my TV in the fall. Here is a glimpse of  our brackets.

photo (19)

The drama. Not even going to lie, I sometimes love drama. Other times I hate it. But when its on this show, love it. It’s hilarious. Clearly these people aren’t getting enough sleep and have nothing else to do. Clearly people who go on the show don’t do their research, because if you start drama or tattle on the drama, you go home. It’s expected that the girls are full of drama but it so funny when there is guy drama. Oh and someone not being there for the “right reasons”…priceless.

2-on-1 dates. This one goes back to number 3, the drama. I like it better on the Bachelorette when it is the 2 guys competing for the girls attention, knowing one guy will end up going home.

The success stories. There aren’t many but the few that have been successful are just precious.

photo (21)

And yes, the pictures are from their Instrgrams, because I follow them on Instagram 🙂 I told yall I was obsessed.

If you have any great grilling recipes, I would love to try them! Who is your favorite this season? I am #teamjosh!

xoxo, ash


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