March Madness

I LOVE sports. I am more of a football and baseball kind of girl but this year took an interest in basketball. So naturally when it came time for March Madness, a bracket was a must. I went with most of America and chose Michigan State to win, having UConn or Kentucky only winning their first game. But that is why its call March Madness, it wouldn’t be fun if there were no upsets or surprises.


I found myself falling asleep last night before the game started…GRANDMA STATUS (with no shame), so went to the kitchen to see what I could bake up for the game. I would not consider myself a Kentucky fan, but I do love the SEC. So any chance I get to cheer for the SEC, that’s the team I am going for. I baked up some sugar cookies and had some blue icing in the pantry so made us some UK cookies! They were just as good in my lunch today as they were last night, even though the SEC did not pull through this time and pull out the W.


I used to never paint my nails because I am not as good as the salon and so I wouldn’t. But then decided frequent salon trips could not stay in the budget so began doing it myself, getting better with each try. Last night I decided to do fun nails for the game, which I just realized I have to redo by Saturday before the Carolina-Florida baseball game. This Carolina girl cannot show up to a game with anything blue in fear someone thinks I am a Florida fan. (Gasp!)


 I hope y’all enjoyed the game and here’s to hoping Carolina basketball improves next year.

 xoxo, ash



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