Fast Food Free February

We had a major minor snow storm this week that led to a full day spent at home with not much to do. Annie and I took full advantage of that and planned, planned and planned some more.

In an effort to save money for our upcoming trip to Austin, we decided to make February “Fast Food Free February”. We printed off calendars and planned dinners for the entire month of February. It was not as hard of a task as you would think. Pinterest was our friend and we tried to use food we already had in the house so grocery bills would also be small.

As boredom sat in later in the afternoon, we also decided to plan out all of our outfits for the month of February so there was less of a temptation to buy new outfits.

We have big travel plans in our future so any saving we can do, we will do it. If you have any creative ideas on how else we can save, let us know!

xoxo ash


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