31 Days of Organization Update

We still have some work to do, but have updated our list and have some pictures of our 31 Days of Organization Challenge.

Craft Room After
Craft Room Before
Craft Room Before
Trip 1 of Many to Goodwill
  1. Garage

  2. Laundry room

  3. Pantry

  4. Kitchen cabinets

  5. Kitchen drawers

  6. Fridge

  7. Freezer

  8. Spices

  9. Living room storage bins

  10. Mail station cabinets

  11. Mail station drawers

  12. Coat closet

  13. Storage closet (upstairs)

  14. Attic

  15. Ashley’s Bathroom closet

  16. Ashley’s bathroom drawers

  17. Ashley’s bathroom cabinets

  18. Ashley’s closet

  19. Ashley’s book shelf

  20. Ashley’s Dressers

  21. Ashley’s car

  22. Annie’s Car

  23. Annie’s closet

  24. Annie’s dresser

  25. Annie’s desk

  26. Annie’s Book shelf

  27. Office/craft room

  28. Important documents

  29. Storage room

  30. Outside storage room

  31. Cell Phone Contacts

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