Five For Friday!

Winter Holidays are one of my favorite times of the whole year. I love spending time with my family and giving gifts. Gifts is a fun for me to show the people I love that I care about them and appreciate all that they are to me. I love how much attention and care I get to put in each gift to make them super personal. Here are the top five gifts I loved giving this year!

1. My dad’s best friend is by far his dog, so what better gift to give him then a handmade, alumni inspired leash and collar set! Unfortunately he is not a great leash model but he is pretty cute!


Get this leash and collar set for $27 from Handmade By Grace B on Etsy!

2. Leather pants. No joke. My sister loves high fashion and scoring these sassy pants for her at Urban Outfitters was just perfect.


Buy these BDG Cuffed Vegan Leather Leggings here for $29!

3. Sadly Ashley and I’s lovely roommate Megan moved out but she is going to Morocco so I am so excited for her! In Morocco it is extremely difficult to live an open a Christian lifestyle  so I wanted to give Megan a disguised bible to make her feel a tad bit more comfortable. I found it is almost impossible to find a bible unmarked on the outside so I decided to make one! Here’s what I made:


Look out this weekend for instructions on how I made this!

4. Now I didn’t give this as a gift but Ashley’s mom monogramed it for me this summer and I used it so much over the Holiday season at the beach I just had to give her a shout out because it’s the perfect gift for any beach bum! She does amazing monograms!

photo (1)

Buy a similar one for $17 at Kailey’s Monogram Shop on Etsy!

5. Now I had to put this at the end because Ashley and I have yet to trade gifts but I am so excited to give her this! Ashley is redoing her room in teal and coral so I thought what better then a piece of art! I ran into this artist at a Columbia event called Divine Night Out at Pink Sorbet. Her name is Megan Carn and she does such amazing work! I asked Megan to paint something just for Ashley and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I also can’t wait to get my own piece one day!

6616928_3711631_f 6974723_8838863-prn01_j

Megan’s art starts at $30 and she also does fabric and wallpaper! Find her at or on Etsy!

Hope you found some good ideas! -Annie


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