Happy Graduation Cecelia!


Dear Cecelia,

Happy Graduation Day! I am so excited for you and what your future holds. These past few years have been so fun getting to know you and then truly doing life together. You have been there for the good, the bad and the ugly and I am so grateful for that.

Enjoy post grad life. By no means is it easy, but oh it is a fun, adventurous journey.  You will learn so much and be stretched in ways you never thought possible but the Lord will be with you in every minute of it. (And I am just a phone call or text away-always)

Texas is lucky to have snagged you. South Carolina certainly will miss you and I do expect you back one day, but go and experience the real world, try new things, explore the world, fall even more in love with the Lord, change the lives of kids in Texas.

Frequent phone tag  and FaceTime will be a new part of our friendship. Though I am sad to not be able to pick up the phone, call you, go walk at the river and then eat pizza, I am excited for this new season of our friendship and how the Lord will use the distance to grow us closer and closer to Him.

xoxo, ash


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