No Heat Pantry Eat Challenge Update

There is something about coming off a holiday that sets a week up for disaster. My weak was an epic fail as far as eating out of the pantry was concerned. Besides a delicious meal Ashley cooked for me, I ate out four times (still working on a large dominos pizza that I ordered just for my self, ughhh) and probably snacked the rest of the week. Whoops. Plan of action for a better week: create a weekly meal plan and attempt to find motivation when I lose it the most, at the end of the week. Here’s my plan of attack:

Sunday- Lasagna

Monday- Pork Chop and Mashed potatoes

Tuesday- Cantina 76

Wednesday- BBQ sandwich

Thursday- Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Friday- Chicken Quesdillas

Saturday- Surprise!

This week I am trying to treat eating out as a treat rather then as a saving grace when I am tired. The Lord has blessed me with food daily and I was convicted this past week to treat that blessing with care. I hope to look at eating out as a celebration! This Tuesday is my friend Sarah’s birthday so I can’t wait to celebrate with her at Cantina! (restaurant review to come)

Love y’all much! -Annie


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