#NoHeatandPantryEat Update

Week 1 down and I am wrapped in a pink blanket like burrito, huddled next to a space heater. It’s 59 degrees in our house and I am praying for warmer weather. Holding out on turning on the heat became easier after seeing our $89 electric bill from October. Here’s hoping I can make another week living like an Eskimo.

The pantry eat portion of the challenge has been more difficult for me though. I tend to find myself snacking instead of cooking and eating a lot of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes may sound weird but Ashley cooked over 9 potatoes for a dinner party and we’ve been trying to get rid of the leftovers for almost a week now. I also have a small confession, when I was out picking up treats for my family for the holidays (doesn’t break any rules because they are gifts for plane rides home) I may have slipped some chocolate covered pretzels into my basket for myself, they were irresistible. The ruling on snacks is not definitive so it’s a little in the grey zone, but it was totally worth it. Thankfully, this week is thanksgiving and that means plenty of good food from home!


I have not been very cold. I have been dressed in many layers and have 3 blankets on my bed so that is probably why. This morning I was so warm and cozy in my bed and it was strug city to get up and go to work but I will save the work story for another post. It is going to get colder and colder so I plan on layering and layering the clothes.

Food was not a struggle for me last week at all. But that is also because I only had to make one dinner and my lunches. Last week consisted of Friendsgiving, a birthday party, Lifegroup leader meeting, a rehearsal dinner and a wedding so my meals were taken care of, which was great! I don’t foresee this week being a struggle either since Thanksgiving is this week. Lunches are a little smaller this week, so I will be getting creative soon. Confession: I did buy some Cheez-its and Skittles at the gas station today to get me through the afternoon at work. I am honestly looking forward to getting creative and digging deep into the pantry. It also has started to open my eyes to how much I really do have and how much excess I have in my life. My lunches have had less in them than before and I haven’t been hungry, which shows me I don’t need as much as I’ve had in the past.

xoxo ash


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